"How Can Social Media Marketing Help My Business?"

– What every business owner is thinking

Brand Awareness

Show up consistently online, to the right audiences, to create brand awareness! Brand awareness converts to a long-term customer base and higher profits.


When your content looks professional and branded, your audience notices. Consumers are making purchases based on appearance, so show up professionally online.


With a social media strategy in place, you'll be able to effectively target the right audiences, and drive those audiences to make a purchase.


You deserve to spend your time doing the things you love within your business or personal life. Allow us take that weight off of your back, today.


A budget-friendly monthly plan
$ 699
  • Social Strategy
  • Planned Topics & Content
  • Automated Daily Posts


Ideal for those ready to level up
$ 1199 Monthly
  • Social Strategy
  • Planned Topics & Content
  • Custom Graphics
  • Curated Photography
  • Automated Daily Posts
  • Engagement Responses
  • Monthly Analytics Delivered


Perfect for established businnesses
$ 1799 Monthly
  • Social Strategy
  • Planned Topics & Content
  • Custom Graphics
  • Curated Creative Content
  • 4 Videos Created Monthly
  • Audience Growth & Engagement
  • Automated Daily Posts
  • Engagement Responses
  • Monthly Analytics Delivered
  • Photo/Video Shoot Option
Most Value
Allana - Happy's Ice Cream
Allana - Happy's Ice Cream@Happysicecream
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"We are OBSESSED!! Seriously, you and your team are amazing! I love the colors, design,and overall aesthetic...we are so excited to have a new look that we feel aligns more with our personalities and the vibe here at Happy's, thank you for bringing that vision to life!"
Jeff B. - Zoie's Restaurant
Jeff B. - Zoie's Restaurant@zoies_dtsp
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"You have done a marvelous job and I am getting great feedback so I want to continue social media with you guys."
Chris - Toss Salads & Wraps
Chris - Toss Salads & Wraps@Toss_dtsp
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"People mention our social media when they come in, and they also always tag us in their stories to be featured. The strategy definitely works."

Social Media Marketing

$699 – $1,799+

You need a strategy to grow your audience and make more sales. We’ll create a strategy for your brand, and the creative content needed to implement that strategy and appeal to the right audiences. St. Pete Social is a one-stop-shop for your brand awareness and marketing needs.


When we handle your social media marketing, we create a strategy specifically for your brand and your goals. We use that strategy to create cool content to post on social media for you, and send your audience to your website or to buy your products or services. The right strategy is key to real growth.

We know that audience growth is important to business owners, so we have many options and tools that we use to increase your audience size and the engagement on your social media accounts. 

Using a customized strategy, we’ll create content that STANDS OUT online, and converts into more website visits, sales, or brand recognition. The result of that creative content depends on your specific needs and wants. We post your custom content on your social media profiles on behalf of your business, Monday – Friday.

Based on your brand goals, we’ll create a strategic target audience. We’ll target that specific audience to entice more follows, engagement on posts, and overall brand recognition. 

Our content is going to be our claim to fame, without a doubt. We take immense pride in the content that we create for our clients! It’s the content that tells your story, and your story deserves to stop an audience in their tracks. The creative content we design for your business will do just that. 

When other accounts begin to like or comment on your posts, or send you DM’s, our team can handle responding to that engagement. This helps your audience feel more connected to your account, and more likely to continue engaging with your content in the future. 

We’ll deliver your social media analytics to your inbox monthly. You’ll be able to see the success of your Social Media Marketing Investment, in black and white. We’ll let the analytics do the rest of the talking for us.

Marketing Strategy

Included with all packages

Creating a strategy for your social media content is key to getting results with that content and your social media marketing investment. We’ll create a killer strategy to create brand awareness for your business, products, or services + we’ll create awesome content to implement that strategy and drive sales!

The key to creating a social media strategy, is understanding WHAT you should talk about and post, to gain GROWTH for your brand online. Our Social Media strategies outline topics to post about, with the goal of brand awareness and sales in mind, unless otherwise discussed. Our goal is to help you meet your goals, with strategic Social Media Marketing.


Included with the Premium Package or $99 per month

Growing your audience on social media takes a plan that tackles multiple angles at once. Understanding that your audience has to emotionally connect FIRST, is key to gaining a long-term customer or “audience”.

We’ll outline a target audience for your business or brand and then we’ll engage with that target audience to make them aware of your brand and gain them as a future customer. We have automated options as well as an actual person engaging on your account on your behalf.

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Included with the Pro & Premium Packages

If your content is boring, people aren’t going to engage with it, let alone remember it. At St. Pete Social, creative content that STANDS OUT online, is our focus. We create content that matches your brand, tells your story, and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience. 



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Competitive Pricing & No Contracts

We offer 3 different packages, tailored to help business owners at any level. We do not bind anyone in with contracts, so you can cancel services anytime. You can also save money by purchasing multiple months of services in advance.